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Interesting Facts About Air Compressor

Basic Guide About Air Compressors – An Necessary Appliance For Industrial Sector. An air compressor is a device which intakes air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at higher pressure. It transmutes power from an engine into potential energy into smaller volume which in result increases its pressure. This air is compressed into a holding chamber or a tank.

The energy thus constricted can be stored as long as it is not released plus the pressure inside the tank keeps on hiking until it reaches a set level. Air compressors vary in sizes and types and so does the pressure limit. These have become immensely dependable apparatuses that are absolutely crucial for the implementation they serve.


The basic or primary function of an air compressor is to store the energy of a gas such as air in a storage tank by elevating the pressure and reducing the volume.

Usually there exist two models of air compressors.

• Single stage
In this model, air is pushed directly to the tank by pulling the piston and hence compressing the air. The compressor keeps on forcing the air in the chamber until and unless it reaches the preset pressure level and once it reaches that level it stops working.
• Two Stage
In this model, air is pulled inwards and compressed through an initial valve. That compressed air is further compressed and forced inwards through the second valve. These variants are generally used for heave duty purposes.


Air compressors are used to supply energy to equipments that are operated by gas or air under pressure, gusting way debris and leaves, inflating tyres, etc. These are used widely in industrial sectors as well.

Types of air compressors

Based on the power source, there are usually two types of air compressors: electric and gas. Either the compressor is powered by electricity or by gas. However, both these types have two variants namely stationary and portable air compressor.

• Stationary air compressor
Air compressors of these types are huge in size. These are generally owned by shops and garage owners. Such compressors are placed on a fixed position and remain stationary as shifting and moving of such large and heavy equipment is not easy and convenient. Accompanied by large storage chambers, these compressors usually have high horse power and serve its supply for a longer duration.

• Portable air compressor
On the other hand, these are smaller in size. The storage tank is also smaller in size as compared to the stationary ones. Unlike the former variant, these compressors have wheels and handles which enables you to shift the equipment from one place to another with absolute ease. These are suitable for light and swift jobs.

Portable compressors further have the following types.
1. Hot dog: Compressor of this kind has only one cylindrical storage chamber placed horizontally.
2. Twin-stack: This design includes two cylindrical storage tanks placed horizontally which adds to the storing capacity of the compressor without acquiring any extra space.
3. Pancake: These compressors have one single storage tank that is placed at the bottom of the equipment and is generally round and flat.
4. Wheel-barrow: These are usually designed to add mobility to the whole unit. It is equipped with two cylindrical tanks, wheels and handles.


Some essential features that one should definitely take into account before buying an air compressor are.
• Adjustable exhaust
• Thermal protection
• Moisture release valve
• Safety valve
• Storage capacity
• Oil free pump
• Multiple couplers
• Accessories and Tools


May it be an air compressor or any other machine, the life of equipment depends on how well you maintain it. Taking some vital steps can help increase the life of the compressor.
• Release the moisture release valve after every use in order to provide the apparatus from rusting.
• Check its components and valves on a regular basis.
• Take into consideration that the air fillers are in proper condition and are working in adequate manner.
• Check and replace any hoses if any found damaged.
• Ensure that the safety valve of air compressor is functioning well.
• Lubricate the compressor on time.
• Timely cleaning of fuel tank, etc.


Air compressors can prove to be of great assistance if used correctly for appropriate tools and with proper care. It provides essential power and swiftness for the application of tools and tasks concerned with various projects.
If you are to buy an air compressor, make it sure that it fits your need. It should match with the tool you want to power, space for its placement, features as mentioned above and obviously the type depending on the task you wish the air compressor to be applied for. Also, it is very important to read high quality air compressor reviews posted by users on different sites to make a fair and reliable judgment.

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