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Basic Guide About Air Compressors – An Necessary Appliance For Industrial Sector. An air compressor is a device which intakes air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at higher pressure. It transmutes power from an engine into potential energy into smaller volume which in result increases its pressure. This air is compressed into a holding chamber or a tank.

Myth: it is safe to clean dirt and debris from a work area using compressed air. Fact: No. This is an unsafe practice. Cleaning a work area using compressed air could result in serious injury as a result of particulate striking or entering the eyes, ears or skin. A safer alternative is to use a vacuum, mop or broom to remove dirt and debris.

You service and maintain your car, your central heating and cooling, why wouldn’t you do the same with your compressor? But how often does your air compressor need to be serviced? The process and regularity of compressor service and maintenance depends on the individual processor. For example, a compressor using petroleum-based oil needs an oil-change every 500 hours of service.

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