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How often does my air compressor need to be serviced?

You service and maintain your car, your central heating and cooling, why wouldn’t you do the same with your compressor? But how often does your air compressor need to be serviced? The process and regularity of compressor service and maintenance depends on the individual processor. For example, a compressor using petroleum-based oil needs an oil-change every 500 hours of service.

A unit using synthetic oil raises that interval to 2,000 hours of service.

There are things you can do yourself to keep your compressor running in tip-top shape, and other things a service technician should dig in to.

It’s perfectly ok for you to check for error messages on the unit’s controller, to check the oil temperature and the coolant levels, and to make sure the drains are functioning properly.

Some compressors, like rotary screw compressors are more complicated and should be serviced and checked out regularly by a certified technician.  Simple inspections generally move very quickly and shouldn’t require your compressor to be out of service more than an hour or so.

Other inspections and service calls (for example an 8,000-hour service where fluids are changed) could take up to 4-5 hours to complete.

In the event any inspection or service call results in further repairs, our technicians are equipped to handle nearly every scenario and repair that may be necessary- and in the rare occasion that your compressor will be out of service for a longer period of time, we have a loaner program to ensure the important work you do continues.

Here’s the bottom line: Together we can keep your compressors in top shape and running as long as they are intended to run. You take care of the easy stuff, the error messages and the fluid levels, and you call us when your maintenance gets a little more challenging.

Contact us, we’ll take care of you. It’s why we’re here.

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