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Is it time to change your air compressor filters?

If you own an Compressor, you might want to check the filters in your unit. In truth, twice a year may or may not be often enough. That depends on where you work, according to Air-Components and Systems Ltd Parts Department Manager Bill Usinger.

“The air filter element (in compressors) is impacted by work environment and should be inspected regularly,” Usinger says. Simply put, a machine in a clean environment won’t have to be changed as often as one in a dirty environment.

Neglect your air compressor filters, Usinger says, and you literally pay the price.

“A dirty air or oil filter causes the compressor to run less efficiently. That costs more money to operate and the compressor will need to be replaced sooner.”

Make sure you are checking the condition of the filter regularly. In a clean shop this can be as easy as taking a look and making sure it is unobstructed.

Now, compare the cost of replacing a compressor because of filter-neglect against the cost of regularly replacing the filters. You might balk at the cost of a quality filter, but compare that to the expense of running an inefficient compressor, cost to your business if the machine fails, or replacing the compressor entirely and you will find the filters are a bargain.

The good news, for the most part you should be able to replace air and oil filters on your own, they’re easy to swap out.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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